Funding that keeps your business moving forward.

We are a resource for business owners to access working capital in a simple, smart way with a rapid-fire turnaround. When you need to smooth out cash flow or take advantage of an expansion opportunity, we are here to offer a short-term funding solution up to $500,000.

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It's time to debank.

Retail banks serve the general public with a menu of products and services. Our team has figured out how to create financial products tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Traditional Banks

Funding and payment terms are inflexible

Applications are lengthy.

Requirements often include collateral and detailed financial statements.

Getting an approval can take days or weeks. Funding takes even longer.

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Good Funding

Flexible financing designed to drive results.

Short application and minimal documentation.

No hard pull. leniency with credit score and younger businesses

Go from app to approval to funded in as little as 24 hours.

Working capital liberates small businesses.

Working capital fuels many things. It helps offset a business slowdown. It covers planned and unexpected expenses. It meets short-term debt obligations. And it often ensures a company’s future financial health.

But for many growing businesses, banks are not always the answer. The fact is that banks continue to reject the great majority of small business loan applications. That means personal ambitions and dreams are dashed along with them. That also means an accelerating number of business owners have discovered that alternative funding may be their only option. That’s where Good Funding steps in. We are the right choice – the good choice - when you are seeking alternative business funding.