We're in the relationship business.

We have collectively helped thousands of customers nationwide grow their businesses. Over the years, we have developed longstanding relationships with sales partners grounded in mutual respect.

Providing solutions so your clients can become our customers.

One Powerful Product

One Powerful Product

Working capital empowers start-ups and small businesses.



We listen to our partners, collaborate on decisions and then offer solutions we can all stand behind.

Personal Relationship Manager

Personal Relationship Manager

Sensitive to your needs and vested in your success.

Good is just better.

When you partner with Good Funding, you’ll always deal with a decision-maker. We’re a lean bunch. Nimble. Scrappy. Grounded in reality and not enamored with our past success.  We recognize the responsibility you have and empathize with the people you serve. We know, on a good day, small businesses are fraught with challenges. As partners, we can impact change by providing immediate relief. We can raise expectations and lower stress levels. We can help change directions.

Good Funding looks for mutually beneficial partnership opportunities. We add value by positioning you to rescue clients in need – with resources, speed and impact. We rely on proprietary data modeling to help us execute smart and fast decisions. And we keep everyone out of the weeds with a streamlined, less complex set of doc requirements that prioritizes expedience.

Working with Good Funding is not only painless, it’s (dare we say) pleasant. Our entire process is timely, responsible, dependable, and fully transparent. It’s a business dynamic that works. It’s because we are completely vested in the best solution for you and your clients. We have a willingness for flexibility and innovation when required. We actually can put the square peg in the round hole. Good Funding simply solves problems.

“Fast and easy from A to Z! Professional and efficient throughout the funding process. Will definitely use again!”

Will T.

We know you represent an important stepping stone for a business to grow. You are the linchpin. So our passion is not just an intangible, it’s a requirement for creating a unique, more intimate experience for each of our partner relationships.

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