Equipment Financing

Our flexible working capital option allows business owners to finance large equipment purchases, repairs and upgrades to keep their business moving forward.

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Why equipment financing?

Good Funding's working capital solution can help you finance equipment purchases or repairs. If your business is ready to purchase machinery or upgrade technology, or you have an urgent equipment repair need, we can help. Your business could receive up to $500,000 in equipment financing in as little as one day.

cash reserves

Instead of sinking all your cash into one piece of equipment, equipment financing keeps your capital saved for other acquisitions or overhead.

Get equipment fast,
and with less hassle

Often, equipment financing is easier to qualify for than traditional loans from a bank or credit union. Good Funding does not require hard credit pulls, excessive documentation, or long waiting periods.

Build your
business credit

Obtaining working capital for your equipment financing needs is an excellent way to establish or rebuild your business credit.

Ways to use your equipment financing:

  • Purchase new machinery or tools
  • Replace office furniture
  • Upgrade hardware and software
  • Cover equipment repairs

Equipment financing that's as flexible as you need it to be.

When we say this is flexible financing, we truly mean it. Your working capital from Good Funding is available to support your business in whatever way you choose.

We tailor our business funding to your needs - not the other way around.

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If your business is growing, we make it easy to move forward

Using a streamlined application process with minimal documentation requirements and no hard credit pull, Good Funding can deliver equipment financing for your business in as little as one day.

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Industries We Serve

Trade Contractors

Keep up with overflow business, hire employees, or cover upfront materials costs with an infusion of funding.

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Manage seasonality, purchase equipment, or simply ensure that you meet project deadlines on time.

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More than 80% of accounting businesses incur cash-flow issues at one point or another. Let us be your resource for funding.

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Cash infusions are mission critical to Transportation experiencing budget miscalculations, slow cash receivables or outstanding supplier invoices.

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More Industies

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How To Apply?



Our simple, short application takes just minutes to complete.



Our Funding Specialist will reach out to discuss financing options and your unique business needs.



Once approved, you can receive business funding in as few as 24 hours.

How others have used their funding.

If a small business owner, like a local restaurant, needs to buy kitchen equipment like stoves, ovens or walk-in freezers. Working capital can help with initial start-up costs so that not all the business’s money is sunk before their doors have even opened, and they know they’ll keep this equipment for a long time, long after they’re paid off.

On the other hand, a university might want to lease their computers and laptops because they know that in two years a new laptop will come on the market with higher processing speeds and larger storage that they'll want to provide for their students.

GoodFunding’s solutions can give them the flexibility they need to get cutting edge computers, without rocking the boat. Equipment financing works for both the small restaurant owners and the university, and with a $500,000 limit, both can get what they need.

“Working with the Good Funding team has been a breeze! We believe their constant, clear communication and transparency has been a key component to the success of the company.”

Jillian C.

“Fast and easy from A to Z! Professional and efficient throughout the funding process. Will definitely use again!”

Will T.

“Good funding saved my business multiple times! When I needed funds to hire and expand they were right there! I appreciate them so much and I’m looking forward to working with them again!”

Dela A.

“I have had an excellent experience with Good Funding. They listen to my needs, provide options, as well as solutions to those needs. If questions arise, [they have] always been quick to provide the answers. It's a wonderful company to work with!”

Eric M.

“I needed this capital to help me grow my business and take some of the stress off the day to day finances … I feel really good about having a long-term relationship with the Good Funding team.”

Sandra K.


What determines how much business funding I can get?

Good Funding focuses heavily on recent revenue to determine funding qualification. We also consider credit history, time in business, and several other factors to determine the right amount of funding for your needs.

Does my business qualify for funding?

If you have at least three months’ time in business and can provide business bank statements, you may qualify for funding. To find out if you qualify, you must apply. It costs nothing. There is no hard credit pull and no obligation to move forward.

How can I use the business funding?

Your funding can be used for any business need: from payroll to hiring to equipment purchases and more. This flexible financing is ideal to help you manage cash flow and move your business forward.

How long does it take for me to get the business funding?

Once you apply and provide all necessary information, we can provide a same-day decision. If approved, you could have funds deposited into your account as soon as the next day.

If I have poor credit history, can I still get funded?

We consider several factors to determine if our product is a good fit for your business. While credit score is part of the decision, less-than-perfect credit is not an immediate barrier to entry. The only way to know for sure is to apply. There’s no hard credit pull and no obligation.