For us, good is personal.  

There’s no mystery in our name. It’s all there. And it’s as transparent as our business philosophy.  

Good Funding was created by a core group of like-minded people — people who believe in being good to ourselves, to one another and to our partners and customers.  We make good decisions based on sound data.  And we provide the funding that empowers small businesses to move forward.  For us, good is the journey – and great is the reward.

Our Values


Fast and flexible cash solutions that map to your opportunities.


Terms are always clear, predictable and easy to understand.


Validated by success, our partners and customers work with us again and again.


We offer unique value-added solutions to help small businesses.


Our success is defined by our good, honest and sustained relationships.


You’ll always get a smart, fast and data-supported solution.

How we stand out.

We created Good Funding to be different and to make a difference. Our team has designed products tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of small businesses. And since this is a space we intimately know, we can develop and easily recognize solutions that are poised for success.

We're different in the way we attack challenges. We function as a team - as a family, really - which means we experience collaboration and camaraderie (and the occasional debate that goes sideways). But ultimately, it's our unified trust and commitment to one another that always leads to the optimal customer-centric solution.

Good Funding stands out by changing outcomes. It's the essence of our culture, our values, and our ideology. Like we say, for us, good is personal.