Why accounting and tax firms look to us for business funding.

As the owner or manager of an accounting firm, your financial challenges are especially unique. You need fast capital to offset the peaks, valleys and unpredictability of your business. We can help.

Move forward today.

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How Fast Funding Impacts Your Accounting Business

With accounting firm business funding from $5k to $150k in as few as 24 hours, Good Funding helps to solve a number of challenges. We can provide a fast and flexible cash infusion that enables you to stay competitive and successful in an industry with seasonal shifts and uneven revenue streams. It’s small business funding that fits your specialized needs — keeping you nimble and purposeful when you need it most.

How accounting and tax firms can apply new funding

Manage Seasonal

Good Funding is the perfect solution for small businesses that have little time to access funding through traditional methods. During those slow periods, we can provide the capital you need to maintain cash flow, manage payroll expenses and prepare for unexpected OPEX costs.

Secure and Retain

Adding cash can help you recruit and retain talented accountants and support staffers who add value. Plus, it can help support the training they need to keep specializations, licenses and certifications in good standings. 

Invest in New

Good Funding can help ensure your firm’s technology solutions remain forward-focused. Whether you’re ready to upgrade your hardware, networks or practice-management software, a spot cash infusion can help you build the digital roadmap you need to stay relevant.

Expand your
marketing reach

As your business revenues slow, it’s important your marketing outreach hits the mark. Fresh working capital can help pay for a website redesign, a multi-dimensional digital marketing strategy or a new social media campaign, all geared to distinguish your accounting firm from competitors

How To Apply



Our simple one-page application takes just minutes to complete.



Our Funding Specialist will reach out to discuss your unique business needs.



Once approved, you can be funded in as few as 24 hours.

How It Works

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A Custom Working
Capital Solution

We work with you to understand your current business challenges and determine a funding amount that is tailored to your unique situation and timing. It's a completely custom solution to your business's cash flow needs.


A Streamlined

Good Funding has developed a superior funding platform that allows us to pinpoint the best solution for your business and turn around funding to your account in as little as a day.


A Relationship Built
to Last

Our customers return again and again because they trust Good Funding to support their business. We are in it for the long haul because your success is our success.

Why Good Funding?

We offer one powerful product that helps businesses move forward. With Good Funding’s capital solutions, we impact change that addresses the unique challenges you face today. We are sensitive to your needs and completely vested in your success. When you require secure, fast and flexible funding, Good Funding is the good choice, the right choice. 


Caring Advisors

History Of Trust

Personal Experience

Fast And Easy Application

Lasting Relationships

Ready to move your business forward?

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